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Delivery Expectations...

Early or late, rarely does a mom naturally hit a due date right on the nose!  It's okay's all part of the plan...

How to Tell the World

It's time to tell the world (or at least your family) that you are pregnant!  Enjoy the sweet moments of making your big news known and celebrate with those closest to you!  Read more about how we told our family... click below.

The Babymoon

I thought a Babymoon would be a great idea before our baby arrived and life changed forever.  I never knew it was going to start off so dramatically! (read more of this story...)

The Mythical Birth Plan

Got a birth plan? I had a great one...except we didn't use it!  Prepare yourself and plan, but be open to the rollercoaster ride of parenthood that starts in the Labor and Delivery room!  (click below to read more...)

Chocolate Banana Delight

I worked at at soda shop in high school.  It was an old school 50's-like diner and I made the milkshakes and banana splits. I took my favorite recipe from way back when and now put a Baby Booster twist on it for an amazing treat! (click below for the recipe...)

Write It Down

It's an amazing time of your life.  A whirlwind of emotions and experiences that will be hard to remember once your life includes sleepless nights and a never-ending cycle of feedings and diapers.  Capturing those moments on paper is a great way to relive the great moments of pregnancy and to appreciate how far you've come during the difficult times....(click below to read more...)

Winterizing Your Pregnancy

Pregnant in the winter months comes with it's own challenges.  Check out these great tips to help "winterize" your pregnancy!

B6 and Morning Sickness

One of the less glamorous aspects of pregnancy is the morning sickness that often comes with your sweet baby bump.  What's a girl to do?  We can help.  

Green Monkey Shake

This is da bomb and I drank it all the time with both of my kiddos.  Although I'm not expecting right now, I STILL drink it because it's just that good for me!

12 Easy Ways to Drink More Water

Everyone knows that hydration is important, but did you know how much MORE important it is while you're pregnant or breastfeeding? Staying hydrated is one of the keys to a healthy milk supply, and proper hydration helps provide enough amniotic fluid while you're pregnant.

Soy May Be Harmful to Pregnant Women

Over the past two to three decades, we’ve been told that soy products like soy milk and tofu are healthy alternatives to meat and dairy. But is that actually true?

Protein for Working Moms: Cora's Corner Review

Our guest blogger just LOVES Baby Booster!  Read about the benefits she experienced!

Mixed Berry, Low Sugar, High Protein Smoothie

While they finished getting ready, I went downstairs to the kitchen to see what I could dig up but I definitely did not feel like or have time to cook. Then it dawned on me: my favorite saviour! Smoothies! Everyone loves them, even my toddlers and husband! Quick, easy, filling and nutritious! Practically the perfect breakfast!!

Red, White and Blue Overnight Oat Protein Parfait

Who knew oatmeal could be so beautiful and packed with nutrition?  Check out this recipe to jazz up your morning oats.


Staying healthy and fit throughout pregnancy has it's benefits!

17 Incredibly Cool Parenting Products You Need in 2017 (Buzzfeed)

We are so excited to be a part of Buzzfeeds Best Products!  Scroll down to number 14!

Kona Mocha Frap: Healthy Starbucks Dupe

I love my Starbucks!  This is a nice copy cat!

Pelvic Girdle Pain: Troubleshooting A Fit Pregnancy

Check out this new course that helps get you back into your pre-baby body.

Healthy Pumpkin Chocolate Cookies

Delicious cookies perfect for the Fall!

10 Tips for New Moms and Baby Booster

Hello! I am Dr. Kim Van Dusen and I am The Parentologist! I am first and foremost a wife and a mom. I am also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Play Therapist. I hope through my professional and personal experience we can collaborate with each other on how to better ourselves and our relationships with our families and our children.

Safe Pregnancy Exercise and Diet

Have you ever asked what makes someone qualified to be "a coach"? Are they a licensed trainer? Baby Booster exclusively works with professionally trained individuals that have a focus on pregnancy and post partum fitness. Just like our protein, we only partner with premium trainers, like Pregna-Fit. Click to learn more.

Berry Pie Smoothie

Blackberry pie is just plain summer.  Try this for the summertime season.

Honey & Betts

What an amazing recipe share from Honey & Betts!

The Baby Booster Difference

Someone once said to me “If you have to ask? You probably shouldn’t be eating it.” Those words have stuck with me all this time, and I think it is some of the most valuable advice ever given to me when regarding my diet.

Protein Covered Strawberries

What an easy way to get additional protein in your diets.  Simple and tasty!

Skinny Chocolate Chip Baby Booster Milk Shake

All of my favorite things!  This shake is awesome!

Bouncing Back While Breastfeeding

It's tempting to diet right after baby, but slow and steady is the best way.

Little Southern Life: Blogger Review

We are so excited to have the sweet Amanda from the beautiful blog Little Southern Life guest post for us today! Amanda is currently expecting, so of course we had to send her some of our shakes to try! Read what she had to say below!

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