Delivery Expectations...

Christmas this past year was quite a reset on expectations, particularly when it came to delivery times.  I ordered my packages and received a delivery date which set the expectation that I would receive my purchase on that date.  Seems pretty simple.  However, due to many factors that are totally out of my control, many of my delivery times never quite hit the mark.  I had some that were really late and I was left waiting and wondering when it was actually going to arrive.  Others came way early and I was totally surprised when they arrived before I had actually expected.  

Probably the most important delivery date is that of your baby!  Many moms don’t actually deliver exactly on their due date so if that is your expectation, I might recommend you be a little flexible on that!  Both of my girls came late.  The first one was nearly two weeks after her due date and her sister wasn’t quite as bad by being only a few days behind.  Regardless, I was disappointed and literally painfully waiting for their arrivals.

But then you have the flipside.  Two of my friends who were pregnant around the same time as I, were both early with their babies by a week.  Another one of my friends had hers over two weeks early and wasn’t quite ready! (This was her third one so she already had some of the essentials).

So what I’m trying to say here is that this is a game in patience.  I am probably one of the most impatient people on the planet which is probably why my kiddos were late…a lesson I have to continuously learn!  But when you stop and think about it, it’s really a mirror of what a lot of parenting is going to be about.

There’s a lot of waiting that goes on…waiting for baby to come, waiting for them to sleep through the night, waiting for baby to start solid foods, etc….But then, the counterpoint is that you won’t believe how fast it flies by!  Before you know it, your baby will cut her first tooth or will blurt out her first word.  Or maybe he will start walking or chasing the dog.  It’s really all a flash in the pan.  It happens so fast!

So whether you are like I was and are waiting for baby to arrive or like my friends, surprised by the early delivery, take a moment to soak in the moment you are in right now.  Release your expectations and surrender to the moment and savor it for what it is.  You won’t ever get this moment back so cherish it and treasure it!

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