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One of the things that is really important to me is being as healthy as possible when I am pregnant. I try to live a healthy lifestyle when I’m not pregnant but knowing that I am growing a human being inside of me gets me motivated to take it to the next level with my nutrition. During my pregnancies, I’ve found that it’s really overwhelming trying to make your body take in nutrients that you might not want during certain times. It’s really important not to just let your health slip, so I am always on the look out for products that help me maintain a healthy diet.

In comes, the Baby Booster, a prenatal protein formula. This protein formula came into existence when “a newly wed couple wanted to successfully conceive their first child. After several failed attempts and two miscarriages, something had to change. That’s when our mom of inspiration, Heather DeNonna, decided to concentrate on her nutrition. Her doctor recommended that she not only focus on the micronutrients commonly found in every prenatal supplement, but also to focus on MACROnutrients. Heather then worked with her cousin to develop the concept for Baby Booster.”

The protein formula, made by Baby Booster, is packed with tons of amazing ingredients that are beneficial to both Mama and baby! 20 grams of protein, 250 mcg of folic acid, 250 mg of calcium, 100 IU of vitamin D, 10 mg of iron, 75 mg of DHA, 5mg of Vitamin B6, and 4 grams of fiber! That’s a powerhouse list of ingredients that are essential to a healthy conception and pregnancy. The protein formula DOES NOT include soy, preservative, artificial sweeteners, or gluten. The high protein to low carbohydrate ratio also makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking to follow a healthy lifestyle. What more can you ask for? OH YES, the flavors! Normally, I am not a fan of protein shakes but the flavors that this company came up with are ah-mazing and I love drinking them!

PINA COLADA– this drink was designed to be a “mocktail” for pregnant mama’s! This drink is SO good! I love blending a little OJ, almond milk, handful of ice  and 1 scoop of the protein powder together for a tasty treat! I feel just like I am on a deserted island catching a tan by the shore. Another way I love to enjoy it is just by adding a scoop of the Pina Colada powder and 8 oz of coconut milk and shaking it in my Baby Booster shaker bottle. I love using these drinks to satisfy my sweet tooth because I know that I am giving my baby important nutrition and skipping the yucky stuff.

KONA MOCHA- This is the perfect flavor for all of my coffee lovers! I have enjoyed heating up 8 oz of almond milk and adding a scoop of the Kona Mocha to it in the mornings since it’s been so cold! This is my way of enjoying coffee without the coffee and all that caffeine. I plan on enjoying it as the weather warms up blended with almond milk and ice for a “iced coffee” version. This has been a really great pick me up in the mornings when Derrek makes his morning coffee and I get to skip the pouting and enjoy mine as well.

TAHITIAN VANILLA- There is nothing better to me, pregnant or not, than a vanilla milkshake! Skip the calories and tons of sugar by replacing yours with the Baby Booster Tahitian Vanilla version. I have been using this as a smoothie base since it came in the mail. Add bananas and berries or pineapples and mangos and a little almond milk and the flavors change instantly. I also love adding dates and drinking a vanilla “chocolate” version. This vanilla is the perfect mixture of flavors and doesn’t leave a chalky taste in your mouth after you drink it. I even like taking coconut milk and making a healthy whipped topping for the top of my milkshake!

SUPERFRUIT PUNCH- I cannot get enough of fruity drinks but I do not like sodas. This protein formula is meant to be mixed with water and enjoyed as a beverage. It has become my “soda” when I just don’t want to drink water during the day. It doesn’t leave you with a full feeling like sodas and you skip all the yucky ingredients. I like to add some frozen grapes and some pineapple to make it more punch like. The fact that it’s jam packed with good nutrients just gives me another excuse to drink it as much as I can during the week.

Since receiving these products, I have really enjoyed incorporating them into my daily diet. The nutrients that compose the Baby Booster protein formulas are too beneficial to pass up. During my second trimester I have had one every single day and I know that as my pregnancy goes on I will continue to enjoy them and reap the benefits. You can find tons of recipes here, which I intend on trying them all until I run out! I am so glad that I found this company and I can truly say that my pregnancy will be more healthy now that I use their protein formulas.

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