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So many people claim to be a "coach" or that their product is safe for pregnancy and nursing. Did you know that your traditional protein shake may have added caffeine? Or arscenic?! And did you know that you can do lasting damage to your body if you work out too soon?

There are a few popular programs that have been around for quite some time and all you have to do in order to be able to call yourself a "coach" is pay even more money on top of what the basic program costs. Then you're tasked with finding more people like yourself to sell the said product to, and then you will be "their coach". Notice that even that company won't let you call yourself "their trainer". That's because you haven't been properly trained. Think about it if you went to the hospital and the doctor that came in to see you had never gone to medical school, but had watched all 12 seasons of Grey's Anatomy, so surely they were qualified and capable. Training someone on their fitness is like that, especially while pregnant or post partum.

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There are so many things that can do last damage to your body post partum, or injure your baby while pregnant. When trying to find a trainer, or continue with one after you've had a significant life change like a pregnancy, make sure you ask questions. And just because your doctor has given you the all clear to work out at 6 weeks, does not mean that your body is ready to resume your pre-pregnancy routine. Diastasis Recti is a real thing and you can seriously hurt yourself, no matter how strong you were before.

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The good news is that there ARE people and programs out there that are professionally trained with the correct knowledge to assist with pregnancy and post partum fitness! We support partners that are like-minded to the Baby Booster message. We want to screen everything and everyone to make sure they're skilled at what they do and most importantly - safe for your baby! Our very first partner was Nora, the magnificient mama behind Pregna-Fit. You've probably seen her on Instagram and let me just tell you, she's the real deal.

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This is your body and your baby. Don't be afraid to ask the questions. Trust your instinct. Do your research. Researching traditional products is how we started Baby Booster. Traces of arscenic being found in mega protein brands was unacceptable for anyone! But especially for pregnancy. That was when we set out to craft something different, something unique. We defied the odds and we have been successful in creating a superior product without any additives, artificial flavors or coloring. Baby Booster is gluten free, soy free, and we have dairy free options available. Our protein is certified non-GMO and we are low carb and safe for Gestational Diabetes. Baby Booster has lifesDHA which is a premium ingredient without that gross fishy after taste that many other supplements leave behind. You can order and try an individual sample of our product, or enjoy free US shipping on our full size 1 lbs bag today.

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Email us or call us with any questions. We're a small business based in the US.    

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