Red, White and Blue Overnight Oat Protein Parfait

How is everyone going with taming the pregnancy cravings and cleaning up their diet? Clean eating is so important now! A healthy diet is essential during pregnancy!

4 days in and I'm feeling better already, just by cutting out refined sugars. Here's one of my favourite breakfast recipes. I swear I could eat this every day forever and be happy!

red white and blue protein shake

Over night protein oats parfait:

1 Cup Oats

1 Scoop of Tahitian Vanilla Baby Booster Protein

Almond Milk (just enough to soak)

Greek Yogurt to Layer

Fruit of Choice (we picked strawberries and blue berries and a little fresh coconut!)

How easy and beautiful is that?! You can make these ahead of time to ensure healthy choices during a busy and hectic morning when you're running late. (Speaking from experience here!)

This guest post was brought to you by our down under mama @Fit.Mammas on Instagram.

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