Mixed Berry, Low Sugar, High Protein Smoothie

This morning started off totally crazy. It was one of those busy hectic mornings that moms everywhere loathe and despire. It's raining out today, so of course I overslept and had to rush to get two kids and my husband out the door while we were all already running late. I also have ZERO energy because I'm currently trying to kick my coffee addiction. While they finished getting ready, I went downstairs to the kitchen to see what I could dig up but I definitely did not feel like or have time to cook. Then it dawned on me: my favorite saviour! Smoothies! Everyone loves them, even my toddlers and husband! Quick, easy, filling and nutritious! Practically the perfect breakfast!

I grabbed a bag of Tahitian Vanilla Baby Booster from my cupboard, a couple Mixed Berry by Dannon Oikosyogurt cups from the fridge, my favorite smoothie cup from the holy land aka Target, some Almond Milk and lots of ice. Scoop, dump, blend, pour! Boom! Breakfast was that easy this morning!

Mixed Berry Protein Shake

So when I make this for myself, I use:

1 Scoop Dannon Oikos Yogurt in Mixed Berry (15 g of protein, 0 added sugar or fat)
1 Scoop Tahitian Vanilla Baby Booster(20g non-GMO protein)
8+oz Almond Milk (7g+ protein)

That's 42 g of protein in my protein smoothie alone! And check out these labels for total transparency. You can also read more in depth about Baby Booster and our nutrition facts on our website.

Mixed Berry Protein Shake

Just like that my people were out the door, happily sipping away on their protein smoothies full of nutrition that is safe for pregnancy, safe for breastfeeding, safe for celiacs, safe for diabetics and safe for everyone! The bonus moment came when I felt super successful when I looked down and realized that my manicure perfectly coordinated with my protein smoothie cup. Then I realized that I was still in my pajamas and it was after 9 AM on a Tuesday morning. Ah, the joys of a toddler and breastfeeding mom! :P :P :P

*always check with your doctor, midwife or pediatrician if you're unsure or have questions if Baby Booster is right for you. You can read more about any questions on our FAQ page.

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