Winterizing Your Pregnancy

It's that time of year where the temperatures drop and the weather gets a little messy outside.  Who knew you needed to winterize your pregnancy?  Here are some things to consider while you and your baby bump snuggle up for the winter months:

Dress the Part

Preparation is key and layering is best.  I generally ran hot while I was preggers, but I also know not to run around in the snow dressed as if I were at the beach (despite the fact that it sounded so appealing).  Layers helped because I could shed clothes as needed and could bundle back up if the chill factor caught up to me.  And although I hardly wore a really heavy coat, I always had one in the car for emergencies.  I guess I was already prepping for that "just in case" mentality mothers get for preparing for the worst.  Rubber boots are also a great investment.  They can keep your feet dry and offer some good traction in slippery conditions.

Beware of the Sickies

Colds and flu bugs run rampant in the winter months.  Doctors generally prefer expectant mommas to get a flu shot so talk to your OBGYN about that.  The worst thing is getting sick and not being able to take any meds because you're expecting.  Wash your hands frequently, get plenty of rest and fluids to keep your immunity up, and stay away from sickies.  Hey, at least you have a great excuse for missing out on those awkward parties or gatherings where you'd rather stay home snuggled in your comfy jammies. "Oh, I'm sorry I can't make it...I'm really trying to limit my exposure right now since it's such a bad flu season."

Treat Yo' Self!

The winter months can also bring the winter blues.  I remember expecting my second daughter during a particularly cold winter and it was easy to feel down in the dumps with the day after day cold, grey days.  Be sure to do things to perk up your mood like a nice relaxing manicure or perhaps a fun lunch with a friend who makes you laugh.  Even putting on some upbeat music and flaunting that baby bump can help elevate your mood.  Try to get some fresh air in those lungs of yours, even if it's just a walk to the mailbox and back.  And if you feel super blue, don't keep it bottled to a trusted friend or your doctor.  



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