B6 and Morning Sickness

Morning sickness.  It's something that may affect you especially in the first trimester.  I had bouts with nausea to the point that I really just wanted to crawl under my desk at work and just stay there until it was time to go home.  Eating crackers and trying to snack helped, but really it was just something to be endured.  Or was it?

Although there haven't been any clinical studies to prove that adding Vitamin B6 to your diet will help ease the morning sickness, there are been PLENTY of testimonials from countless expecting mommas claiming that it helped reduce the nauseated feeling.  

When adding anything to your diet, check with your OBGYN.  Baby Booster, which was developed by an OBGYN, contains Vitamin B6 to help with that sick to your stomach feeling.  It calms the tummy and tastes terrific.

Countless mommas have written us to say that Baby Booster was the only thing they could keep down.  They felt reassured because they knew they were also getting vitamins and nutrients that were probably lacking due to the fact that they couldn't eat much of anything else.  Cheers!

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