12 Easy Ways to Drink More Water

Everyone knows that hydration is important, but did you know how much MORE important it is while you're pregnant or breastfeeding? Staying hydrated is one of the keys to a healthy milk supply, and proper hydration helps provide enough amniotic fluid while you're pregnant.

While pregnant:

Did you know that the effects of dehydration can actually lead to preterm labor? Dehydration is so scary, and can cause things like nausea, headaches, cramps, constipation, and dizziness. Some women have found relief from morning sickness by staying hydrated, so couple that with the ingredients in Baby Booster, and you may finally have your morning sickness remedy!

While breastfeeding:

Breastmilk production relies on proper hydration from the mother. According to KellyMom, breastmilk is 88% water, and that water comes from YOU, Mama! This is also why a baby (under 6 months old that is exclusively breastfed) doesn't need additional water intake, because your baby gets hydrated from your breastmilk. Just like everything else in your world right now, you're staying hydrated for your baby as much as you're staying hydrated for you!

12 Easy Ways to Drink More Water

1. Infuse Your Water to the Next Level

Try different combinations of fruit. To be honest, I fell in love with strawberry and lemon water and that's how I was able to transition into a water drinker. When I first started, it was mostly strawberries and less water. The trick is to add water through the day, and I like to make my infusion and let it sit while I get ready in the morning so it has time to actually infuse into the water. Or, bonus, buy yourself a canteen and make a big gallon to refuel your cup throughout the day!

2. Ice, Ice, Baby

When I first started drinking more water, it had to be freezing cold or it was disgusting to me. (Don't judge, water lovers!) The more ice, the better. And another thing about ice, is finding a type of ice that you like. I personally became obsessed with Sonic Ice (nugget ice?) and that was my stepping stone into being able to drink lots of water. I find that larger ice cubes will stick together and become this iceburg in your cup and I like th ice to be fluid and moveable, especially if I have a straw.

3. & 4. Flavor Infusion

Some people don't like fruit, or maybe your life is super busy and you don't have time to chop up the fruit for your drink. That's ok, Mama, we've got ya covered. Instead of mixing in that lite flavor on the shelf full of scary chemicals like aspartame, try a dusting of one of our water soluble flavors.

Take 1/4 or 1/2 a scoop of Baby Booster, and mix it into your water. We recommend using an immersion blender or a Blender Bottle to make sure the powder fully dissolves. Add ice and sip through the day. Add more cold water for dilution and to make your Baby Booster last longer.

BONUS: Using Baby Booster like this will also help keep hungry and pregnancy cravings at bay. We added 20g of protein to every full serving, and staying nourished will help ease morning sickness, keep you energized, keep you regular, support your milk supply, and more!

5. Keep It Comin'

I like to add ice constantly throughout the day. The ice melts, which helps replensih the water and keep it extra cold naturally. Plus, if you've added any flavor or fruit infuision, the addition of ice will prolong the flavor because your cup is already "seasoned."

6. Try Bubbles

I know it's hard when you're a soda addict (speaking from experience) and suddenly you decide to go cold turkey for allllll the benefits of avoiding Liquid Satan, but it can be a hard one to kick. Try one of the flavored sparkling waters, like La Croix. If it still isn't enough, take your sparkling water up a notch and add some fruit infusion or flavoring into that, too.

Pro Tip: If you want to add a Baby Booster infusion, make your flavor into a syrup. Mix 1/2 Scoop of Baby Booster of choice with 3 oz. regular water. It will be a syrup consistency, and that's ok. Just make sure you blend it up really well THEN add it to your bubbly beverage so you don't turn the carbonation flat!

7. Fill 'er Up

Walking to the printer? Bring your cup. Going into the kitchen? Bring your cup. If you stand up from your desk/leave your work station/couch/classroom whatever/wherever, bring your cup and fill 'er up! Always, always, always see the cup as FULL and it's far easier to stay hydrated. An empty cup on your desk leads to excuses and laziness. Don't be lazy. Just keep your glass at least half full at all times! :)

8. Foods That Fuel

Did you know that some foods are primarily made of water? Cucumbers are 96% water, and make a tasty addition to your milk, salad, or even as a snack! Grapefruit is 91% water and if you start your day with grapefruit, it can lead to natural weightloss and all sorts of other benefits.....like hydration!

Watermelon weighs in at 92% water (big surprise, right?) and is one of my favorite summer staples! I like to put a wedge on a stick if I'm feeling fancy -- or try grilling it and adding a little sea salt. Just trust me on this one. Watermelon also makes a delicious summer salad!

9. Avoid Foods That Dehydrate

I know you miss your morning coffee, but sometimes you have to let something go for the greater good. You're probably already having trouble sleeping for one reason or another, and having to pee five-million-times a day. Then you throw something like coffee on top of it that's acting against you as a dieuretic and something that can contribute to insomnia. It's like fueling the fire of your misery.

Try swapping your coffee for our Frap Dupe, or our Mocha Dupe with our Kona Mocha Baby Booster. We offer a caffeine free energy boost that is safe for your baby, that is safe whether you're expectant or nursing.

10. Keep Track & Reward

I have been having horrible cravings for late night milk shakes lately. My new rule of thumb is that these are a "reward" for doing well that day. I have to drink my water goal, and maintain a healthy diet, and if I do that, then I allow myself to whip up a healthy Baby Booster Milkshake Dupe. Write down your goal, and keep a list on your phone or through an app. Another helpful solution is to invest in a canteen or pitcher that will hold your daily goal so that you can see how much you have left to drink.

11. Get a Really, Really, Big Cup

I'm serious. If you don't want to invest in a canteen or something that will take up counter space, go ahead and get yourself the largest cup you can manage. The more water you have on your cup on hand, the easier it will be to consume,  you know, since it's literally right there next to you. Couple this with tip number 7 to Fill 'Er Up and you'll do just fine!

12. Upgrade Your Bottle

If you're picky about tap water, water from a water fountain, or water on the go in foreign cities, invest in a water bottle that has a built in filter. The whole idea behind this is to weed out the excuses and enable your own success. At the very least, make sure your reusable container is BPA free, like our Blender Bottle.

Hydration is such an important part of your fitness routine while pregnant or fitness routine while breastfeeding, but hydration is essential to your overall health. Hydration will help maintain your milk supply while nursing, and being well hydrated will help provide your doctor, doula, or midwife plenty of amniotic fluid so that they can see your baby!


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