How to Tell the World

It's so exciting to make your official announcement that your family is expanding by at least two feet (get it?).  I remember when we told our parents who had been waiting for YEARS to have their first grand baby.  My mom was the one who probably had the biggest reaction...once she figured out what we were trying to say, she jumped out of her chair and ran around the house yelling, "I'm going to be a grandmother!  I'm going to be a grandmother!"  That next week she turned in her resignation letter at work and decided to become a full-time grandmother!  I wish we had recorded it because it was by far the most exciting and no holding back reaction we got.

It was a lot to fun watching our parents figure out what we were announcing.  I had printed off two puzzle pieces, one that was blue with the letters "BA" on it and the other puzzle piece that was pink with the letters "BY" on it to spell "BABY" when put together.  We framed them, wrapped them up and gave my mother-in-law one and my-father-in law the other.  The idea was that they'd unwrap them and figure out the "puzzle".  It was fun and the reactions were priceless.  We did the same for my parents and really was a lot of fun.

There are MANY ideas on how to tell the family and the rest of the world...just check out Pinterest!  The trick is to make it uniquely yours and one that fits your personality.  The other trick is to make it rather simple...the last thing you want to do is spend so much time on creating the announcement only for it not to go the way you wanted and then the joy of the occasion is lost.

Have fun with it and bonus points for getting it on'll want to replay it over and over again as you celebrate this new chapter!

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