The Babymoon

We tried to 6 years to get pregnant and that was plenty of time for my husband and I to get used to life with just the two of us.  We felt pretty clever and wise to know that life would never be the same for us and decided to take a Babymoon before our little bundle arrived.  Somehow we knew that our travel plans would be postponed once we became parents and that life would have to slow down a bit with a new baby.

We never took many trips anyway, but knowing that we could just pack up and leave any time seemed to be enough for us.  So when we found out we were expecting, we decided to blow it out and go on a real big trip (to make up for not going anywhere when we had the chance!).

We saved up and decided on a trip to London and then Paris.  One that was romantic and fun.  I was about 6 months pregnant and my belly was just now starting to show like a real baby bump instead of just one too many donuts.  We were set to go and all dreams and expectations for a fabulous trip were about as high as you can get.

That was until our flight was delayed.  Storms swept through and delayed our flight time and time again.  We began to worry we weren't going to make our connecting flight until finally we were cleared for takeoff.  We didn't have time to spare so once we got to our next leg of our flight, we know we'd have to make a run for it.  Fortunately, there were about 15 of us that needed to be on that flight so we felt confident they'd wait an extra 10 minutes. 

We RAN.  I was keeping up with my husband for a while, but then my energy was zapped.  "Go...I'll catch up," I said breathlessly as if we were in the movies and I was the one who was taking one for the team.  I was hoping he could get to the gate to get checked in while I hurried behind him.

Luckily we made it!  We were out of breath, but all smiles because we had made it.  They scanned our tickets and sent us on our way down the jetway.  We held hands ready to hop on the plane and start our Babymoon.   We turned the corner of the jetway and then the most horrible, cruel thing happened. They shut the door in our face.

Apparently, once they shut the door, they do not open it.  We stood there dumbfounded and shocked.  We went back to the gate agent who was ready to go home because it was 11:30 PM and was told he couldn't help us.  

I had the biggest crocodile tears looking out the giant window at the plane that sat there for another 20 minutes...with us not on it (along with about 15 other angry, disappointed travelers).  I could actually see the pilots.  Our Babymoon was not off to a good start.

Long story short, we finally made it and had a wonderful trip once we got there.  My belly and I climbed every single stair at the Eiffel Tower and my husband and I enjoyed the memories we made walking along the streets of London. It was wonderful to have one last trip with just the two of us, but we were ready to meet our daughter and start our new life as a family.

I highly recommend some sort of Babymoon.  A trip to Europe certainly wasn't what made this time together special (although we are grateful we had the opportunity).  It was getting away from all the busyness of all things baby and work.  It was a chance for us to breathe, re-connect, and appreciate each other before life turned upside down with sleepless nights and marathon feedings.  It was a chance for us to be the two of us before we became mom and dad.  

There's a little bit of a lost identity when I became a parent.  My role as a parent took priority over myself as a individual (and rightfully so).  The time away before I became a mom was good for my soul and good for my marriage.  

Try to take a Babymoon before life changes dramatically.  Even if it's a weekend stay-cation, the time spent relaxing and focusing on the two people who this little life depends on is well worth the investment!

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