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Our Sampler Pack contains one individual serving packet of each flavor. Try them all today!

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Doctor Recommended

Prenatal Nutrition Done Right

Scott Bailey, practicing OB/GYN, approves this all natural, super healthy blend of nutrients that are essential to a healthy conception and a healthy pregnancy

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Boost Your Health

Beneficial Ingredients For You and Your Baby

Baby Booster contains all the nutrients your baby needs: Protein, Folic Acid, DHA, Calcium, Vitamin D, and Iron

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Watermelon Slushie

Enjoy the last of the watermelon harvests with this late summer slushie!


Banana Cream Smoothie

We're so excited to have Amanda from Little Southern Life as our Guest Editor today. Check out her super yummy recipe for a Banana Cream Smoothie after the jump! It's the perfect treat when juggling toddlers and a newborn -- she tested it! :)


Summer Chia Smoothie

We are so excited to have Hannah from Honey & Betts guest posting for us today! Check out her recipe after the jump!



As a mother on the go, I need something that is convenient and nutritious. And it’s also important that it taste good. Baby Booster has all these qualities!


So many pregnant women have difficulty attaining optimum nutrition during those important nine months while their baby develops. Using Baby Booster daily makes it easy to get the important nutrients that are often lacking in a pregnant woman's diet and supplements; its high protein to low carbohydrate ratio also makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Scott Bailey, M.D.