What does Baby Booster taste like?

Baby Booster comes in two AMAZING flavors:  Kona Mocha and Tahitian Vanilla.

Kona Mocha is all natural and boasts a delicious chocolaty flavor with a hint of Kona coffee.  Baby Booster mommas who miss their morning coffee love the flavor our our Kona Mocha and feel good drinking it! 

Tahitian Vanilla is smooth and creamy, all natural and boasts a delicious vanilla flavor that will remind you of a perfect vanilla milkshake!

Can I mix Baby Booster with milk?

Baby Booster can be mixed with both water and the milk (dairy and non dairy) of your choosing.  We personally recommend that you mix Baby Booster with your favorite milk for some added nutrition and an ideal taste!

Baby Booster has 20grams of protein. How much protein do I need while pregnant?

The American Pregnancy Association suggests pregnant women need 75g-100g of protein every day. Baby Booster recommends drinking 2-3 shakes a day, which would give you 60% of your daily value. We've come across many women who are unable to achieve their protein goals during pregnancy and breastfeeding because of aversions sometimes due to morning sickness. That is exactly why we developed Baby Booster. Baby Booster will help provide your daily protein and nutrition requirements.

Can I use Baby Booster while nursing? How much protein do I need while breastfeeding?

Absolutely! Baby Booster was designed for pregnant and nursing moms. Breastfeeding moms need an additional 50% more protein which makes Baby Booster a great, convenient option (especially in getting some extra protein, DHA, calcium, iron and folic acid...all of which are really important while nursing). We designed Baby Booster keeping in mind that a lot of women would need the nutritional support during that "fourth trimester" (the nursing period).

Can I use Baby Booster if I take a prenatal vitamin?

Baby Booster was formulated keeping in mind that a majority of its users would be taking a prenatal vitamin of some sort. We were very careful in making sure that nothing in Baby Booster would negatively interfere with a prenatal vitamin, so taking Baby Booster is a great complement to a prenatal.  A lot of women DO choose to use only Baby Booster with a healthy diet instead of a "prenatal vitamin," but we'd recommend speaking with your doctor before taking that route in case he or she thinks there are specific nutrients you may need that aren't included in Baby Booster.

Is Baby Booster non-GMO?

Baby Booster went the extra mile when selecting ingredients. We opted for high end, high quality and sometimes more costly ingredients to ensure that Baby Booster Moms are getting premium quality nutrition. This is one of many things that sets us apart from our competitors. Baby Booster found a source of protein that is non-GMO and is actively working on the next step to become officially licensed with the Non-GMO Project.

Is Baby Booster All-Natural?

Yes! Baby Booster took the guesswork out and developed a holistic alternative to traditional beverages consumed during pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond. We took the initiative to source only quality and REAL ingredients. We even use beet root extract to add a source of fun pink color to our Superfruit Punch flavor. We do this so we do not have to include any artifical flavors or colors!

Can I use Baby Booster if I’m not pregnant?

Baby Booster was made with the goal of creating a convenient, healthy option for pregnant women that doesn’t include the questionable ingredients often found in protein supplements (artificial ingredients, soy, low quality protein, etc). In fact, we even have plenty of male and diabetic customers that love Baby Booster!

Is Baby Booster Lactose free?

The Kona Mocha and Tahitian Vanilla flavors have whey protein which CONTAINS lactose. The Superfruit Punch and Pina Colada use collagen protein which DOES NOT CONTAIN lactose.

Is Baby Booster safe for children?

Baby Booster was designed for women to take before, during and after pregnancy. We are NOT a children's supplement and DO NOT recommend giving Baby Booster to your child.