Meet Nora

Nora Matthew is a certified personal trainer and pre & post natal fitness specialist. Nora realized her passion of working with pregnant and postpartum women after she had her first baby in 2012 and was struck by the lack of resources for exercise during pregnancy. She then started a pregnancy fitness program whilst living in the UK and brought it with her to upstate New York in 2014.
Nora based her program, Pregna-Fit, on a fusion of weight training, Pilates, mobility, pelvic floor strengthening & release, and deep core training. She runs Pregna-Fit classes several times a week and also trains clients remotely through pregnafit.comNora has found her passion in women's health-focused personal training and truly believes that the right measure of nutrition, rest, and exercise will go a long way to a happy, healthy conception, pregnancy, and postpartum healing.

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