About Us

Our Promise

In the development of our products, The Baby Booster Team talked to pregnant women, women hoping to conceive, moms, and even dads--not to mention numerous doctors, medical professionals, and dieticians. We learned about your biggest concerns, your most exciting breakthroughs, and the joy of embarking on the journey to motherhood…or just in trying to live a healthy life in general.

We believe that you deserve to feel healthy, comfortable, excited, and happy in every facet of your pregnancy and life. We worked to find easy, convenient solutions to your nutritional problems.

That’s Baby Booster’s Promise to you… to try to make you and your growing family happier and healthier.


Our Story

Baby Booster was born out of a story that is so common in today’s society: a newly wed couple wanted to successfully conceive their first child. After several failed attempts and two miscarriages, something had to change. 

Looking for professional guidance, the Baby Booster team met with OB/GYN Dr. Scott Bailey to formulate the MICRO and MACRO nutrients which are often lacking in a expecting mother's diet.  The final result is an all natural supplement with a blend of nutrients that are essential to a healthy conception and pregnancy.

Throughout my 30 years of caring for women, including pregnant women, I have found that there is a constant quest by my patients to improve their nutrition. I have made countless recommendations through the decades, but I believe many of these problems are solved with the introduction of Baby Booster. Our team has created this product for those gaps in the diet that many of my pregnant patients are trying to fill. Baby Booster is a good start to the day, it also provides a great protein supplement between meals to help ward off the afternoon "crash" (hunger associated with low nutrition) for my pregnant patients and has the DHA, folic acid, and other nutritional supplements that are so important for mom and developing baby. I love the high-protein to low carbohydrate ratio which provides an excellent nutritional source without the excess calories. This is why I also recommend Baby Booster to any of my patients that might be trying to follow an active, healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Scott Bailey, OB/GYN

Our Process

There are many companies that simply go to a supplement producer with a new formulation and then allow that producer to manufacture a product with inferior ingredients, poor flavoring, and substandard quality. Our team’s primary focus in developing Baby Booster was ingredient quality. We spent over a year researching the market for the best ingredient sources and consulting with medical and nutritional professionals who guided us in understanding things like:

  • Why over 99% of FDA-approved infant formulas use the same source of vegetarian DHA as Baby Booster (while other companies use fish oil that can contain toxic heavy metals that are especially dangerous to babies and pregnant women) 

  • Why we should avoid inferior, soy-containing ingredients that may be harmful to pregnant women 

  • Why one form of an ingredient may not be as good as another (which makes it so important to carefully choose sources for ingredients)

This is why pregnant women can feel completely at ease knowing we did your homework for you, and why more and more people from all walks of life are ditching their old protein shake, and picking up Baby Booster!