Improve Your Baby's IQ

Before Birth

November 20th, 2020

Dallas, Texas - Its Possible to Improve a Babies IQ Before Birth

Did you know that possible to improve your unborn child's IQ by making a simple diet change before giving birth? Most expectant moms are unaware that making a simple change could have a profound impact on their babies entire life.  

Why is IQ Important?

IQ is the most robust psychological trait measured and strongly correlates with positive life outcomes, including health and longevity, job performance, and adult income. - Psychology Today

For a long time OBGYNs have discussed the importance of proper prenatal nutrition, as well as a reputable prenatal vitamin. This advice certainly isn't expected to change anytime soon as having a well rounded diet of consisting of plenty of natural vitamins and minerals is a key to a healthy pregnancy. In fact, experts have touted for years that eating certain fish can boost the brain power of yet to be born babies. This is due a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid called DHA. Most mommas have heard about the importance of DHA and most probably have DHA in their prenatal vitamin. DHA has been shown to increase IQ by up to 8 points before birth!

So, if you want a smarter baby just eat more fish and take a prenatal with DHA. Right?

Not so fast.

Many fish come with high levels of DHA, which sounds like a good thing, but these same fish can also come with large amount of the ocean born toxin, Mercury. Mercury has been shown to decrease the IQ in the womb by 8 points. So the mercury actively counteracts the benefits your baby would have had from the DHA.

To make matters worse...most prenatal vitamins with DHA derive their DHA from fish which could come with the risk of mercury. And with the way the environment is now, research has shown that most fish species have enough mercury to pose an adverse effect on their IQ scores. So much so, that they cited that these levels ‘exceeded the beneficial effects of DHA’ in their studies.

But not getting DHA to your growing baby has serious repercussions too. Fortunately, there’s a simple trick you can use to bolster your baby’s IQ without the dangers of mercury!

Now you don’t need to give up on getting essential nutrients for your baby or put you both at risk by eating mercury-contaminated seafood. With Baby Booster, you get vegetarian, fish free DHA plus a roster of pregnancy-safe ingredients to help your baby develop healthfully. Developed and approved by an OBGYN, this prenatal protein powder is unlike other supplemental protein shakes as it was designed specifically for new and expectant moms.

Baby Booster also tastes great which will satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthful way. With delicious flavors like Tahitian Vanilla and Kona Mocha you’ll be able to get the best of both worlds while giving your baby a wonderful head start to life. Try them today for DHA without fear of mercury contamination!