Watermelon Slushie

When I was pregnant, I couldn't stand the thought of chewing. The very thought of food made my stomach flip and churn. But I could drink a smoothie so long as it was super cold! Blending up A LOT of ice, fruit and some Baby Booster saved me during my pregnancy. If you're struggling with morning sickness, we've got you covered. Here's a really simple and fun recipe for ya!

watermelon protein slushy


1 Scoop Superfruit Punch Baby Booster Protein Powder

8+ Ounces of Water or Coconut Water

1 Cup Fresh, Chopped, and Seedless Watermelon

1 Cup (or more!) of Ice

Blend this until it's smooth like a slushie, add more ice if desired. Garnish with fresh mint from your garden and enjoy!


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