Tropical Mocktail

One of the hardest parts about a summer pregnancy is seeing all of your friends (or husband!) enjoying their beach or poolside cocktails. Lucky for you, I planned ahead and we created a Pina Colada Baby Booster flavor! Our Pina Colada packs 20 g of non-gmo protein in the powder alone (more if you add Greek Yogurt or a Milk/Coconut Water liquid to mix!) and tastes JUST like the real thing! 

I whipped up this recipe on the spot while I was begrudgily helping to prepare for our pool party over the holiday weekend! This recipe uses our Pina Colada protein which is a dairy free flavor in case you are lactose intolerant, or nursing a baby with a milk/cow allergy like my son.

1 Scoop Pina Colada Baby Booster Protein

8 Oz + Coconut Milk
8 Oz + Orange Pineapple Tropical Juice (or fresh squeezed!)

Blend and garnish with fresh coconut and pineapple. Serve over ice, or blend the ice into it for a frozen treat!

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