Orange Pineapple Protein Juice

Sometimes you just want something light and refreshing, but something that will also fill you up without bogging you down. Baby Booster designed two of our flavors to be water soluble, dairy free options which can provide you with a filling snack without being heavy!

This recipe can be made with milk if you want something creamier, though it tastes delicious as a dairy free alternative option! I live by this recipe since my son has a cow allergy. Once I started breastfeeding him, I realized that he was sensitive to dairy in my breastmilk so I had to remove all milk and cow products!


Orange Pineapple Protein Juice

1 Scoop Pina Colada Baby Booster
1 Cup Orange Juice (freshly squeezed is even better!)
1 Cup Coconut Milk (or milk alternative)

Blend together. You can use one of our official Baby Booster Blender Bottles found here, or use an immersion blender or your Vitamix. I personally like to serve this over ice but you can also enjoy it cold, or throw the ice cubes in before you blend it for a slushie!



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