Booby Booster Debut

Big news!!! We are excited to be kicking off a week in Sunny Las Vegas at the ABC Kids Show!

Booby Booster lactation supplement

In celebration for our very first tradeshow, we have also decided to finally let the lid off a very special secret we've managed to keep for almost a year. We've teased all of our Baby Booster Mamas a little bit about a secondary product for breastfeeding and postpartum moms that will offer lactation support and we are finally ready for our big reveal!

Booby Booster lactation supplement

Booby Booster is an extension of our Baby Booster product line that is designed to help increase lactation and your milk supply. Booby Booster also adds an additional 8 grams of protein to your shake, baked treat, oatmeal, smoothie and more! The options are endless! 

You'll still most likely want to add the Baby Booster with your Booby Booster. They're designed to work together, like your new BFFs. Baby Booster gives you all of your nutrients and protein, then you add Booby Booster as a secondary product that specifically helps fulfill lactation requirements. Booby Booster includeds a blend of ingredients that our team has found to be the most successful in helping with milk production.

Booby Booster is going to be similar to Baby Booster in that you can add it to your Baby Booster shake, mix it into a smoothie, your yogurt bowl, breads, cookies, oatmeal and more! You name it! We made something that is universal so you're not stuck with just a tea or a cookie anymore -- now the choice is yours!

Booby Booster lactation supplement

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