Antioxidant Smoothie Bowl with Protein

Healthy can be delicious! And finidng delicious and healthy options while pregnant or nursing is essential. Everyone knows that maintaining a balanced diet and following nutritional guidelines is import in every day life, but once a woman is at the point where she is trying to concieve, is pregnant or is breastfeeding, the importance of proper nutrition doubles!

Baby Booster was designed for all moms, but more importantly, Baby Booster was designed with your baby in mind! Baby Booster includes a natural source of caffeine free energy that is safe for pregnancy, and nursing moms. Baby Booster includes a blend of all-natural vitamins that are a safe and effective way to ease morning sickness. Baby Booster also includes a premium non-fish based source of LifesDHA for your baby's brain development, and 20g of non-GMO protein that will help keep you full and recharged between meals.

So you take all of that, then you add in other things of your choice and before you know it, you've made a Super Booster Smoothie Bowl! This amazing smoothie bowl was inspired by our friend on Instagram @surfing.diapers.situps and is rich in antioxidants with pomegranate seeds, cherries, dark chocolate, coconut and of course - Baby Booster! This smoothie bowl is packed with power! It's so good that even your toddler won't be able to resist or believe it isn't dessert!

Antioxidant Smoothie Bowl // Power Protein Smoothie Bowl with Antioxidants

8 oz+ Coconut Water
Frozen Cherries
Pomegranate Seeds (fresh or frozen!)
1 Scoop Kona Mocha Baby Booster
1 T PB2
Love Crunch Granola (for garnish)
Dark Chocolate Chunks (extra for garnish if desired!)

Blend, garnish, and enjoy!

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