10 for $10 - Superfruit Punch

A dairy free flavor that can be mixed with your favorite liquid to satisfy your summer craving, and help keep you and your baby full of nutrients!

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Superfruit Punch is a fruity and refreshing substitute that can be enjoyed like a fruit punch flavored protein shake, or with half a scoop as a low-calorie flavored water alternative. Hints of cherry, watermelon, and berries will delight your taste buds. We love Superfruit Punch served with lots of ice, blended into a smoothie, or frozen with coconut water as a Popsicle!

Add one serving (1 Scoop) of Baby Booster to 8-16 oz. of water (or beverage of your choice) and shake in a shaker bottle, mix vigorously with spoon in a glass, or add to a blender with your favorite smoothie ingredients.

(For maximum benefits of nutrients and adequate protein consumption, use 2 to 3 servings of Baby Booster daily before, during, and after your pregnancy. Note: To maintain product freshness, store in a cool, dry place.)