Eating for two? The first months of pregnancy are either the hardest or the easiest depending on if you suffer from morning sickness or not.

Although I am far past my last pregnancy, I am still breastfeeding and finding a protein powder I am comfortable ingesting with was proving to be difficult. When I heard of Baby Booster‘s prenatal protein powder that is OB/GYN recommended I had to try it!

After testing out their 4 flavours (mocha, pina colada, superfruit punch and vanilla), I fell in love with the Tahitian Vanilla. When you open the package it smells like cake mix! Yum! And it had no bad aftertaste, so you can add your favourite frozen fruits to it and have a delicious result.

For my exact Cherry Banana Chia Seed Postnatal Smoothie, you can find it below!


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